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July 19th, 2018 by 5 Boroughs Insurance Agency

More Drivers Are Going Uninsured, Putting Others at Risk

Despite the fact that nearly all states require auto insurance, nearly one in eight U.S. drivers doesn’t carry it, according to the Insurance Research Council. The percentage of uninsured drivers ranges from 4.5% to 26.7% across the U.S. States with the highest percentages include Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, Michigan and Tennessee, which all report more than 20% of drivers go without insurance. The alarming number of drivers... Read Article

Car Insurance Companies Dropping Coverage

Find out About Being Non-Renewed Over Filing Too Many Claims. Getting into an automobile accident can be a nerve rattler, to say the least. However, getting into a second or third accident within a short period of time can ratchet up those stress levels quicker than… well, let’s just say really, really quickly. One reason for this is that people begin to worry about how multiple claims... Read Article

What to Know When Adding a Teen Driver to Your Car Insurance Policy

Older people just love generalizing about younger generations, but there’s one stereotype that is painfully true: Young people are terrible at driving. Unfortunately for parents who add teenagers to their insurance policies, that bad driving can prove costly, even if young drivers never get into trouble. A study commissioned by insurance pricing site insuranceQuotes looked at how much it would cost a family to add a driver... Read Article

Staten Island principal busted for role in auto insurance scam

A Staten Island principal has been arrested and charged with felony insurance fraud for registering her luxury cars at the Pennsylvania home of a city vendor, a scheme first exposed by The Post. Oneatha Swinton, the interim acting principal of Port Richmond HS, was charged with four counts of insurance fraud, theft by deception and criminal conspiracy by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office. In addition,... Read Article

Your New Flood Insurance Options

Most homeowners with flood insurance still get it from the federal government. But private insurers are starting to offer policies with higher coverage – and sometimes even lower premiums. Q- Now that it’s hurricane season, I’ve been thinking about buying flood insurance. I hear that there’s a 30-day waiting period to get coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program. Are there any alternatives? A-The National Flood... Read Article