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March 16th, 2018 by 5 Boroughs Insurance Agency

Take These Steps to Save on Car Insurance

Auto insurance is something nobody likes but every driver needs. The thought of spending hundreds of dollars on something that, if we’re lucky, we don’t use is enough to cause at least a mild case of nausea. Even if car insurance doesn’t make your stomach turn, you might view car insurance as a legal requirement, not a purchased service. But a purchased service it is,... Read Article

I’m a Photographer, Why Do I Need Liability Insurance?

When you start out as a photographer, there’s a ton on your plate. Well, to be fair, even when you’re a well-established photographer, there’s still a lot on your plate! But when you’re getting your business put together, there’s plenty that needs to be done.Aside from the more obvious things – like getting all the necessary gear, marketing your products and services, and creating a... Read Article

Top 5 car skills parents should teach their kids

  Whether it’s changing a tire or checking the oil, there are many basic car skills teens should learn before they’re in a roadside bind. These tips could help your new driver save time, money and — most importantly — stay safe on the streets. Here are some of the top car skills all parents should teach their young drivers before they hit the road.... Read Article

Five Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

What I wish I could have told myself when I was 25. What’s the least fun thing to spend money on? Insurance. It costs a bunch of money, and then you don’t really get anything for it… until you need it. But then, you really need it. So yes, it’s no fun, but you should have it anyway. Here are some basics if you are... Read Article

A Little Help for a Working Mother to Recover from a Flood

As a working mother you are busy, that is a fact. Between your job, running the kids to their afterschool programs, keeping the fridge stocked with food and the house as clean as possible, there’s minimal downtime left for you. Now through an emergency into the mix and let the chaos unfold. A situation like a flooded house can quickly turn disastrous. But don’t let... Read Article