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Understanding Hurricane Insurance Plans : Know and follow yours closely

The 2018 hurricane season has finally ended, but not before hurricanes Florence and Michael left their marks on the southeastern United States. I have previously covered hurricane removal clauses in dockage agreements, but I have not written about hurricane plans required by insurance carriers in any detail until now. There are few things more boring than reading a marine insurance policy, but there is some... Read Article

Life Insurance For The Living?

“I have enough life insurance to bury me.” That’s what most people tell me. Many of my customers can talk easily about stocks, bonds, and real estate, but they often don’t understand the many usages for life insurance besides a death benefit. In my experience, these benefits are usually discovered only after it’s too late.| Not just a death benefit Here are some other statements... Read Article

Does Home Insurance Cover If Tree Falls on House or Other Tree Damage?

Trees are a beautiful feature of many properties and homes, but what happens if a tree falls on your house, or you get damage to your property from trees? Does insurance cover fallen trees and related damage? It all depends on what the cause of the damage is. Home insurance will cover many forms of damage caused by trees, but may not cover everything. Here's... Read Article

How To Keep Pipes From Freezing During NoVA Cold Spell

These tips can help prevent frozen pipes this winter. Plus, ways to handle your insurance claim if your DC or Virginia house is damaged. WASHINGTON, DC — With wind chills that will feel like the teens at times this week in DC and northern Virginia and overnight lows remaining in the 20s, it's important to know how to prevent your home's water pipes from freezing.... Read Article


It is possible to get roadside assistance through a car insurance provider. This is usually cheaper than contacting a company and ask for services. , roadside assistance is more useful during winter, when there are higher chances of losing car's control. The car can end up in a gutter or stuck in the snow. Without a specialized team, any action of putting the car on... Read Article