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FEMA: Sign up for flood insurance before it's too late

Just an inch of flooding could cost you more than $25,000 in repairs - Is your home insured for flood damage? There’s perhaps no better time than now to check because the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's forecasters predict we could see up to eight hurricanes this season. That’s why the Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Flood Insurance Program are calling for Jacksonville residents... Read Article

The One Expensive Thing Your Homeowners Insurance Probably Doesn’t Cover

When you purchase a home, it’s smart to invest in homeowners insurance. In fact, you probably don’t have a choice: Your mortgage lender will more often than not mandate it. As a first-time buyer, you might wonder exactly what is and what isn’t covered by your new homeowners insurance policy. It turns out, your standard homeowners insurance isn’t exactly a one-stop shop that covers every... Read Article

How to Cancel Car Insurance

The Importance of Requesting Cancellation If you have decided you want to switch insurance companies, can you simply stop paying your old insurance company and hope they will get the memo? If only things were so easy. You cannot assume that just because you’ve purchased and agreed to a new insurance policy that you are exempt from paying the bill for your other one. Yes,... Read Article

Tech Experts: What You Post Online Could Be Directly Impacting Your Insurance Coverage

Posing in front of a great white shark and dangling your feet out the side of a helicopter — those types of pictures may get you likes on Instagram, but only dislikes from your insurance company, which could consider it dangerous, tech experts say. “Especially for claims, they look into social media, looking to see if someone’s driving a motorcycle without a helmet or posting... Read Article

Life Insurance For The Living?

“I have enough life insurance to bury me.” That’s what most people tell me. Many of my customers can talk easily about stocks, bonds, and real estate, but they often don’t understand the many usages for life insurance besides a death benefit. In my experience, these benefits are usually discovered only after it’s too late.| Not just a death benefit Here are some other statements... Read Article