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Life Insurance For The Living?

“I have enough life insurance to bury me.” That’s what most people tell me. Many of my customers can talk easily about stocks, bonds, and real estate, but they often don’t understand the many usages for life insurance besides a death benefit. In my experience, these benefits are usually discovered only after it’s too late.| Not just a death benefit Here are some other statements... Read Article

Majority of small businesses lack cyber security plans, could leave consumer information vulnerable

A new survey released by a small business watchdog website shows nearly 80 percent of small businesses don't have a cyber security attack plan in place. "They're worrying about sales, marketing, operations. The cyber security side and making sure customer data and internal systems are protected is generally an afterthought," cyber security consultant David Schohl said. It's not just retailers. Schohl said any business that... Read Article

Pete the Planner: Drive your car into the ground, but take good care of it along the way

We’re 400 miles away from the odometer hitting 200,000 miles on one of our vehicles and 300 miles away from hitting 135,000 on the other. I’m ecstatic. I’ve literally never been more excited about my relationship with transportation, other than that random time I got magically upgraded to first class on an eight-hour flight. People all around me have newer cars than I do, but... Read Article

Car Insurance Rates for Married Vs. Single

You have a stellar driving record, a great job, steady income, stellar credit, and are ready to shop around for car insurance. While all of these factors will help you get a low rate, there’s one more seemingly irrelevant factor that could make a big difference in your insurance premiums -- are you single, married, widowed, or divorced? A 2015 study by the Consumer Federation... Read Article

Staten Island principal busted for role in auto insurance scam

A Staten Island principal has been arrested and charged with felony insurance fraud for registering her luxury cars at the Pennsylvania home of a city vendor, a scheme first exposed by The Post. Oneatha Swinton, the interim acting principal of Port Richmond HS, was charged with four counts of insurance fraud, theft by deception and criminal conspiracy by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office. In addition,... Read Article