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Understanding Hurricane Insurance Plans : Know and follow yours closely

The 2018 hurricane season has finally ended, but not before hurricanes Florence and Michael left their marks on the southeastern United States. I have previously covered hurricane removal clauses in dockage agreements, but I have not written about hurricane plans required by insurance carriers in any detail until now. There are few things more boring than reading a marine insurance policy, but there is some... Read Article


It is possible to get roadside assistance through a car insurance provider. This is usually cheaper than contacting a company and ask for services. , roadside assistance is more useful during winter, when there are higher chances of losing car's control. The car can end up in a gutter or stuck in the snow. Without a specialized team, any action of putting the car on... Read Article

15 Things You Should Do Within 10 Minutes of Having a Car Accident

Oh no, this can’t be happening,” you think to yourself in the instant you realize you’ve been in a car accident. But it is. And what you do next can make all the difference in the world.   1) Remain as close as you safely can to the scene With 160,000 car accidents occurring each year in Canada, it’s a near certainty you’ll be involved in... Read Article

The Best Ways to Insure Expensive Jewelry and Valuable Items

It often seems there's an insurance policy to cover just about everything you own. You can cover your home, the contents of a rental home, your car, your business, your health, and even your life. But when it comes to insuring expensive jewelry and valuable items, things get a little bit complicated. Now: Part of that complication is due to the way jewelry and valuable... Read Article

Taxpayers are paying more than ever for workplace injuries

Taxpayers are spending more than ever paying city employees injured on the job. Workers compensation-claim payouts totaled $25.7 million in 2017, a 10-year high, and a 109-percent increase from 2008, according to city Law Department data. Last year, 18,604 injured employees were paid worker’s comp, 20 percent more than in 2008, and the average payout — which typically includes medical costs and lost wages —... Read Article