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Homeowners insurance: Review your policy and document belongings for when disaster strikes

Home insurance may not be top of mind – until disaster hits your property. Take Kristin Schoeffel, a homeowner who says she hadn’t given her insurance a second thought since she and her husband bought their home in 2001. That changed in June, when she forgot to turn off the tap in the laundry room sink of their home in Garden City South, New York, before she... Read Article

Are You Covered for the Next Natural Disaster?

Make sure you have the right insurance to protect you from nature’s wrath. Federal weather forecasts have predicted a “near normal” number of hurricanes for the season that ends November 30. That’s small consolation, though, if you find yourself in the path of one of the nine to 15 named storms predicted to form in the Atlantic this year. And elsewhere in the U.S., other... Read Article


NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation)- New homes are going up fastest in high-flood risk areas in many U.S coastal states, scientists said on Wednesday, despite increasing awareness that global warming as made living in such areas even more risky. Science and communication non-profit Climate Central found that one-third of coastline states that will run a 10% risk of ocean inundation each year by 2050 saw... Read Article

FEMA: Sign up for flood insurance before it's too late

Just an inch of flooding could cost you more than $25,000 in repairs - Is your home insured for flood damage? There’s perhaps no better time than now to check because the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's forecasters predict we could see up to eight hurricanes this season. That’s why the Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Flood Insurance Program are calling for Jacksonville residents... Read Article

Not sure what your renters insurance covers? You’re not alone

Key Points: Over 90% of people with renters insurance aren't aware that they're covered if their dog bites someone, according to a recent survey by Assurant, a provider of property and casualty insurance. There are other misconceptions about what renters insurance covers, and how much it costs. Not sure your insurance is adequate? There are steps you can take to fix that. Your dog bites... Read Article