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Think You're Not at Risk of Flooding? Think Again.

What you need to know about flood insurance. People tend to underestimate their flooding risk, says Lynne McChristian, a consultant with the Insurance Information Institute, a nonprofit group. Ninety percent of all natural disasters—especially hurricanes—include some form of flooding, and roughly 20 percent of claims processed by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are from areas considered at low or moderate risk of flooding (when... Read Article

In A Car Accident. Check Out These Helpful Tools

Four Things To Do After A Road Accident If you drive regularly, the statistics suggests that sooner or later, you will be involved in an accident. The only question left is how severe will the accident be. Hopefully, with a bit defensive driving and due care on your part, it will be nothing more than the inconvenience of a fender bender. With that in mind,... Read Article

How Much Insurance Does Your Small Business Need?

What initiates the need for business insurance? If you are in business, you need insurance. The question is - what kind of policy is appropriate? And this is true even if you are a home-based business. If you are consulting or providing expert advice, you may need to purchase errors and omission insurance. A landlord will often require a general liability policy as part of... Read Article

Celebrate Labor Day & Enjoy Time Off

The majority of our lives are spent focusing on work. Even our days off can find us obsessing over various work-related issues – sitting at a computer or watching our smartphones, answering work emails, or planning for an upcoming project or meeting. We have a very hardworking culture in America, and it can be tough to completely "disconnect" over a weekend and get the break... Read Article

10 Summer Tips To Beat The Heat

While it's true that the elderly, young children, and those with pre-existing conditions are more susceptible to the summer heat, it doesn't take long for the sun to take its toll on healthy individuals as well. Here are 10 tips that can help you beat the heat this summer: Keep your shades drawn or blinds closed during the day to help prevent the sun from heating the... Read Article