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These Are the Most and Least Expensive States for Car Insurance

Aside from factors like your age, driving record, and gender, the state you live in also has a significant effect on your insurance rates. Car insurance costs are a substantial expense, and where you live has a substantial effect on rates. The most expensive state for car insurance is Michigan at an average cost of $2,611 annually, according to a study by It's followed... Read Article

Spending A Year Abroad: Do I Still Need Insurance For My Car Back Home?

If you are planning to travel abroad for a year and leave your car stored in the USA, you may be wondering if you need to carry auto insurance for the period of time during which the vehicle is not in use. The answer will depend on the circumstances, as well as where you live. State Law Auto Insurance Requirements Although laws vary from state... Read Article

Insurance Companies Are Monitoring Your Phone to See How Much You Use It While Driving

A disturbing amount of us use our phones to talk, text, or send our awful tweets while behind the wheel, but you might want to think twice before sending that next tweet, and not just for self-preservation purposes. More and more insurance companies are monitoring your cell phone usage when you’re driving. One in five insurance policies in the U.S. now offer discounts if you... Read Article

How to Avoid a Messy Breakup With Your Car Insurance Company

Let's say you've been with your auto insurance company for a few years and don't give your policy -- or your rate -- a whole lot of thought. Don't get too comfortable! You might be missing out on a better deal with another insurer that offers lower rates or more car insurance discounts that you qualify for. With so many insurers competing for your business,... Read Article

How to pick a car that’s cheaper to insure

In our money mailbag this week, a viewer asks: “I’m in the market for a new car, but hoping to keep monthly payments as low as possible. What type of cars are the cheapest to insure?” It’s no secret that car costs are climbing. In fact, the national average yearly premium for insurance went up by just over 10% in the past year – from... Read Article